Analysis of the technical advantages of copper clad steel grounding pole
The grounding pole of the copper clad steel is deeply grounded. The required grounding resistance can be obtained with a minimum of grounding stages. If a short (<6 m or shorter than 6 m) ground rod is used to obtain the same resistance value, the number of ground stages is large and the construction area is large, which is obvious and costed several times. In areas where the city needs to dig up asphalt roads and move large stones, vertical grounding bars can be used to avoid many construction problems.
 First, the copper clad steel grounding pole manufacturing process is advanced:
 It adopts the latest domestic coating technology to produce, and it will not be disjointed, warped or cracked when bent at 180 degrees.
Second, copper clad steel grounding pole anti-corrosion characteristics are superior:
 The surface copper layer is thicker (the average thickness is greater than (0. 251mm), the corrosion resistance is strong, and the service life is longer (more than 30 years), which reduces the labor intensity of maintenance.
 Third, copper clad steel grounding pole electrical performance is better:
 The excellent electrica

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