The company has established an engineering center jointly with Beijing Electromechanical Research Institute, Dalian Jiaotong University and Tianjin Polytechnic University as the company's technology innovation platform. The development scope of the company's engineering center covers: the development of high-performance bimetal materials and application technology; the research of "solid-solid phase composite" molding and "solid-liquid phase composite" molding technology for bimetallic composite wires; high strength and high electrical conductivity Research on the material composition, ratio and melt purification technology of high-performance bimetal composite wire with high corrosion resistance; research and development of new products of functional bimetal composite cable in different industries.
The engineering center has advanced coating test line supporting device, automatic weaving net test line, image measuring instrument; tube stranding machine, fiber breaking strip machine, large wire drawing machine test line equipment.
The engineering center has the development capability of the bimetal composite cable process.
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