Why do customers buy our tinned copper clad steel wire?
For consumers, choosing a company to buy copper-clad steel wire must have its own reasons, perhaps because our company's price is cheap, perhaps because our company's product quality is excellent, maybe it is our company's Scale and so on.
Then why is the product of our company more loved by the masses? The small analysis is as follows:
Low price: The price of tin-plated copper-clad copper wire, which is generally used at present, is only 1/2~1/3 of the price of pure copper wire products.
High strength and toughness of steel: tin-plated copper-clad steel has high linearity and is easy to cut and form. It is suitable for the whole assembly process and automatic production process. The tensile strength is 2 times higher than ordinary tinned copper wire. The expansion coefficient is small.
Light weight: The specific gravity of the product is about 8.4-8.5. When the diameter and weight are equal, the length is 5% more than the pure copper wire. The product cost can be reduced, which is equivalent to purchasing 1 ton of pure copper wire. Our product only needs 950 kg, which saves 50 kg of material, based on the purchase price of 60 yuan/kg.

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